Peer-reviewed Conference and Journal Articles

Tobias J.K. Edler von Koch, Stanislav Manilov, Christos Vasiladiotis, Murray Cole, and Björn Franke. "Towards a Compiler Analysis for Parallel Algorithmic Skeletons." Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Compiler Construction (CC’18), Vienna, 2018.

Tobias J.K. Edler von Koch, Björn Franke (University of Edinburgh), Pranav Bhandarkar, Anshuman Dasgupta (Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc). “Exploiting Function Similarity for Code Size Reduction.” Proceedings of the ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Languages, Compilers, and Tools for Embedded Systems (LCTES'2014), Edinburgh, UK, June 2014.

Tobias J.K. Edler von Koch and Björn Franke. “Variability of Data Dependences and Control Flow.” Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems and Software (ISPASS'2014), Monterey, CA, March 2014.

Tobias J.K. Edler von Koch and Björn Franke. “Limits of Region-Based Dynamic Binary Parallelization.” Proceedings of the 9th ACM SIGOPS/SIGPLAN International Conference on Virtual Execution Environments (VEE'2013), Houston, TX, March 2013.

Oscar Almer, Igor Böhm, Tobias J.K. Edler von Koch, Björn Franke, Stephen Kyle, Volker Seeker, Christopher Thompson, and Nigel Topham. “Parallel Dynamic Binary Translator for Efficient Multi-Core Simulation.” International Journal of Parallel Programming (IJPP), Sept 2012.

Oscar Almer, Igor Böhm, Tobias J.K. Edler von Koch, Björn Franke, Stephen Kyle, Volker Seeker, Christopher Thompson, and Nigel Topham. “Scalable Multi-Core Simulation Using Parallel Dynamic Binary Translation.” Proceedings of the 11th IEEE International Conference on Embedded Computer Systems: Architectures, Modelling, and Simulation (SAMOS'2011), Samos, Greece, July 2011.

Igor Böhm, Tobias J.K. Edler von Koch, Stephen Kyle, Björn Franke and Nigel Topham. "Generalized Just-In-Time Trace Compilation using a Parallel Task Farm in a Dynamic Binary Translator." Proceedings of the ACM SIGPLAN 2011 Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI'11), San Jose, CA, June 2011.

Tobias J.K. Edler von Koch, Igor Böhm, and Björn Franke. "Integrated Instruction Selection and Register Allocation for Compact Code Generation Exploiting Freeform Mixing of 16- and 32-bit Instructions." Proceedings of the 8th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO'2010), Toronto, Canada, 2010.

Talks and Presentations

This list includes only the talks currently available online.

"Bringing link-time optimization to the embedded world: (Thin)LTO with Linker Scripts." 2017 LLVM Developers' Meeting, San Jose, CA. October 2017.

"Opening Speech." 4th European LLVM Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland. April 2014.

"Code Size Reduction using Similar Function Merging."  2013 LLVM Developers' Meeting, San Francisco, CA. November 2013.

"What next? Experience of doing a PhD in Informatics." Innovative Learning Week 2013, University of Edinburgh. February 2013.

News articles about my work

"European LLVM Conference 2014." HiPEAC info Newsletter, Issue 39. July 2014.

"Tobias Edler von Koch wins Intel 2013 Doctoral Student Honor Program." University of Edinburgh website. November 2013.

"Freescale hosts first HiPEAC PhD Internship." HiPEAC info Newsletter, Issue 32. October 2012.